Imagine not being able to attend school because of crippling anxiety. Imagine not being able to leave home due to depression. Imagine feeling like you don’t have hope because of your suicidal thoughts. These are examples of people in our communities suffering. It’s important for citizens to take action. 

Citizen action positively affects the common good of the community. I would describe citizen action promoting the common good as an individual doing something for the benefit of his/her community without receiving immediate personal gain.

For my community service, I participated in the Kirkwood High School Mental Health Awareness Committee. In this committee, we worked on promoting the mental health of students. I believe this citizen action promotes the common good because when someone is struggling with mental health issues, oftentimes they don’t want to, or feel like they can’t reach out for help. By raising awareness of mental health issues with students at school, the MHAC let students going through similar issues know there ARE resources for help. When someone is struggling with mental health issues, it can prevent them from a successful life. Helping this community, helps students who feel like they don’t have hope. Without citizen action of my peers, struggling students might be left in the dark. 

As small of a community Kirkwood High School is, citizen action IS needed. In the words of Hilary Clinton, “It takes a village.” As part of that village, The Webster-Kirkwood Times, could greatly impact our community by covering the mental health work we’re doing at Kirkwood High. 

Kirkwood High School