By golly, we got through that winter fine, “dodging the bullet” of sleet and power outages! Webster Groves street crews kept our streets and roads free of snow and ice, with the street sweeper following in early spring. That’s a sharp contrast to the indifferent street maintenance attitude in St. Louis City, where we spent our early years before moving to Webster Groves.

Imagine what it will be like if St. Louis County melds with St. Louis City and the Better Together plan is adopted. Inheriting the city’s decrepit maintenance departments will be “the kiss of death” to our well-managed and financially secure city. Service requests to our police and public works department, now answered and dispatched in a timely manner, will be lost in a swamp of mismanagement. Our years of assets will be appropriated for St. Louis city use; equipment upkeep and personnel will dissipate.

Zoning changes and policies will be thrust upon our neighborhoods. No longer will we be the managers of our own destinies, but will be subject to the whims of political cliques. Our individuality, our neighborhood character will cease! The proclaimed cost savings will be anything but savings. Instead, we will be forced to carry the millstone for years of neglect and debt for a politically-motivated bureaucracy.

The family-like atmosphere that brought us to Webster Groves over 50 years ago will melt along with our pride for our Queen of the Suburbs. This lament will be heard among neighboring towns. How sad.

Webster Groves