Two years ago, some informed citizens opposed the electrical “smart” meters, yet no opt-out was allowed, and they were forced upon us illegally. The city and Kirkwood Electric (serving 20,000 residents) refuse to acknowledge they are a health hazard, as global health organizations do. Apparently, they haven’t watched the award-winning documentary we provided: “Take Back your Power” by Josh del Sol (available on YouTube).

Smart meters communicate via microwaves, a radio frequency. Exposure to this radiation has been known to cause DNA damage and dozens of disorders to our immune, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and other systems.

Kirkwood’s website reads that smart meters will “improve your health.” I asked the board how? No response. They installed the “weapon” outside my bedroom wall, a few feet from where I sleep. I developed several conditions and have not been able to sleep in my room for 10 weeks now, awaiting an answer to my renewed and repeated petition to get my analog meter back, as Ameren has done for customers who request it.

Kirkwood Electric reported “no EMFs over 1 mG” in my bedroom, but with my meter I found up to 11 mG at the wall and up to 5 mG even two feet into the room. By their own admission, the EPA safety guidelines limit exposure to 2.5 mG. They also said there were “between two and three mG right next to the meter” itself, when I have seen up to 730!

They are also using a mesh network system which they denied initially. That means thousands of pulses a day bombarding us, traveling through the electric system acting as an antenna, and radiating 6-8 feet from the wire. This is a crime. Their argument that they emit less EMFs than WiFi or cell phones is invalid. They are extremely more dangerous, and it’s not their business what we use or avoid. Health concerns should be first.