As a parent of Webster Groves High School students, I read with interest the Webster Groves School District email communique dated Feb. 5 regarding the school board’s approval of its anti-bias, anti-racism policy. 

I was stunned to learn that racism existed to such a degree in our school district that the board approved the creation of an entire bureaucracy to rid the district of it, root and branch. After all, why would the new policy be needed if not for past failings of the school board and administrators? 

One hopes that the efforts of the head of this new anti-racism campaign, Dr. Shane Williamson, will begin by holding accountable those in positions of power within the district for allowing such intolerable conditions of racism and bias to exist heretofore unchecked. No doubt the eggs of bias must be cracked and transformed into omelets of equity. 

I for one look forward to members of the board and the superintendent publicly recounting their past racist sins and what steps toward redemption they intend to make. During China’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, those accused of ideological impurities wore dunce caps during their necessary humiliations. Such should be considered here. 

No doubt Dr. Williamson’s new workforce of “racially conscious and culturally competent administrative, instructional and support personnel” would create a dunce cap design reflecting the cultural diversity of our district. Godspeed to them.

Winston Smith

Webster Groves