Meghan Winegrad, founder and CEO of Generopolis, with Kirkwood Early Childhood preschool students Noah Grib (left) and Elliana O’Rourke (right). The students are learning to grow their hearts this Valentine’s Day by supporting Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise, an organization that provides preschool scholarships to families in need. 

A social entrepreneur who has developed a new fundraising site that combines volunteerism with donations is teaming up with a Kirkwood nonprofit to help grow kids’ hearts this Valentine’s Day and send more kids to preschool.

Lifelong Kirkwood/Glendale resident Meghan Winegrad, who recently launched an online giving platform called Generopolis, is partnering with the nonprofit Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise for the kid-centric giving campaign called “Growing Hearts, Growing Minds.”

Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise seeks to provide scholarships to preschoolers who would otherwise not have the means to attend. The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money for a scholarship to send one child to preschool. The month-long fundraising window will be from Feb. 11 to March 15. Over the next month, Kirkwood area families, community members and businesses will be teaming up and using Generopolis to raise money for the scholarship.

Generopolis works like other online markets where people can buy and sell almost anything, but instead of pocketing the cash like on Etsy or Craigslist, donors choose their favorite nonprofit to receive the proceeds. While everyone may not have the financial means to donate cash, with Generopolis, everyone can create good by doing what they’re good at, Winegrad said.

Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise will work with 14 area preschools to integrate the “Growing Hearts, Growing Minds” campaign into classrooms. The kids and their teachers will work together to create and sell art projects, gently used unwanted toys and books, and maybe even some services such as classroom cleanup and dog walking on the Generopolis site.

Families will also be encouraged to spend this Valentine’s Day thinking of creative ways they can sell items on Generopolis to benefit the Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise through their own closet cleanouts, offering to bake cookies, deliver a dinner or drive carpool.

The campaign will activate Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise board members, local business owners, city officials and community influencers to create listings for dinners, handmade items, and professional services.

The campaign encourages everyone to grow their heart this Valentine’s Day and visit to buy or sell items to benefit the Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise.