It has been asked, “Where were all the good Germans when Hitler was attaining power and corrupting Germany?”

The way Republicans have been enabling Trump’s authoritarian behavior makes one wonder just what people in the future will ask. Are Republicans afraid of retaliation from Trump or do they just want to retain power regardless of the price? John McCain was a true statesman who spoke up. The only Republicans who speak openly today are not running for reelection.

May I make a modest proposal? Republicans who really care about their country should dump Trump and vigorously support Mitt Romney. He has a good record as governor of Massachusetts, and has name recognition. Sure, he lost to Obama, but since the Democrats are currently so divided, I bet that Romney could win in 2020. Most thinking citizens want a mature, educated, experienced leader, not an untruthful, immature entertainer. If Romney won, Republicans would happily retain their power and this country would be a lot better off.

University City