The purpose of my letter is to commend the Kirkwood Fire Department on the excellent service I received after my head contacted a concrete curb in my backyard, leaving a large gash across my forehead and below my eye which was bleeding profusely.

They arrived very quickly considering that ATT had Ballas Road narrowed for utility work and someone has removed the no parking signs which previously were on both sides of Virginia Lane, along with a previously red painted curb for the fire hydrant.

I could hear the fire truck and ambulance trying to make the turn without hitting the four to five cars that block easy access to the street.

The paramedics and fire personnel were all very professional and got me to the hospital, no thanks to the terrible roads we have due to a subcontracted street department and the huge dump trucks and excavators running up and down our narrow streets — streets not designed for the loads being placed on them as Old Kirkwood is hauled away to become Samesville, USA.

That is my rant for this week and I do hope that the inconsiderate parkers never have life saving help slowed or stopped by a limited access street.