Real Estate Agent Profiles

Livable, affordable and friendly are some of the adjectives heard by those in the market for a home. Finding a new place to live can be both exciting and stressful. These important tips will help buyers navigate the St. Louis real estate market.

Exterior renovations can enhance the appearance of a property and make it more enjoyable for homeowners. Certain renovations have the potential to add value to a home, while others may do the opposite. 

A home is the most substantial investment many people will ever make. Once down payments have been made and closing costs have been paid, homeowners may still be staring down sizable expenses as they begin to tackle any repairs that need to be made.

With the unpredictability of 2020 continuing into 2021, real estate professionals, along with homebuyers and sellers, are particularly interested in the housing market, the economy and the ways in which human behavior will shape the coming year. Here are a few of the changes that are expected.

When Kirkwood resident Megan Daniels first visited 1030 Barberry Lane on a house tour over 10 years ago, she had no idea she’d one day call it “home.”