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With thousands of Baby Boomers retiring each year, the face of America is changing. According to Washington University professor and expert on aging Brian Carpenter, Ph.D., more and more Boomers are rejecting nursing homes and retirement facilities in favor of aging in their own homes.

Ninety-two-year-old Webster Groves resident Harold Maness recently checked an item off his bucket list: he jumped out of an airplane at 10,500 feet and went skydiving! Maness, a resident of Laclede Groves, got the idea to skydive when he saw President George H.W. Bush celebrate his birthday by jumping out of an airplane five years ago. This past July, Maness finally got his chance. He is pictured above dropping with an instructor toward Earth at 125 miles per hour.

For those Americans eligible for Medicare, it’s important to understand coverage options when selecting a health plan for 2020. Answering these five questions can help toward an informed choice during the Medicare Annual Election Period, Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.