After reading the WKT article on St. Louis County real estate taxes (WKT, June 7) being assessed for this year, I was interested in comparing my current tax rate with a house I had previously owned. This house was in Ladue, a two-story house built in 1973. It has 2,672 square feet of living space and is on an acre of ground. My present home in Glendale is a small ranch home built in 1950. It has 1,359 square feet of living space and is on less than one-third of an acre.

In comparing the real estate taxes assessed on these two properties, I find that my home in Glendale is assessed at $286.39 per square foot, while the home in Ladue is assessed at $243.51 per square foot.

I believe that the school districts we live in are one of the major contributing factors in the tax assessments levied on our properties. I see no evidence that my living in the Kirkwood School District, compared to my living in the Ladue School District, can justify these glaring discrepancies in the tax rates I am asked to pay. I challenge our county assessor to give us evidence as to why these tax rates are justified. It seems to me, and I am sure it must seem to many other people who live in St. Louis County, that we need an explanation.