The students of eleventh grade U.S. government have been assigned with six hours of community service to test the idea that citizen action promotes the common good. 

Many people in my class went to food pantries and other well-known community service places. A few of my classmates and I went to the House Rabbit Society of Missouri to see a side of our community that we have never been exposed to. As a result of this, we have decided as a group that citizen action does promote the common good “the benefit of all” through the three following ways increased awareness, self gratitude, and the desire to do more.

While doing our six hours of community service our group became much more aware of the community around us. This was done mainly due to the fact that our group went to a place that none of us knew anything about so as the six hours went on we all learned more about the community. 

We also learned about the people of the community and how, even though we had gone 30 minutes away to a place we had never been, many of the things we saw closely resembled Kirkwood, such as the comradery of the community.

Possibly the biggest effect the community service had on me was the self gratitude that followed. Doing community service showed me that you don’t need anything in return to do something because, after doing it, I had a tremendous amount of self gratitude. I would like to believe that my group members did as well. 

Kirkwood High School