While I appreciate the general perspective of Daniel Bruzzini’s letter “Christmas is a Holiday for Everyone” (Mailbag, Dec. 20), I have to call BS on his flawed, revisionist statement that “the prosperity of 19th century capitalism followed the direction of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,” going on to quote the repentant Scrooge on Christmas Day as a shining example of capitalism.

On the contrary, Dickens was a major critic of unchecked capitalism, marked by child labor, six-day 16-hour work weeks, polluted cities, and the lack of basic medical care, as evidenced in the characters of Bob Cratchit and young Tim. These were the realities of Dicken’s 19th century “prosperity,” while the Christmas Day miracle conversion of Scrooge remained only a distant, unrealized hope.

While it makes us feel better to see the past through rose-colored glasses, we still live in the era of the pre-Christmas Scrooge who wished the poor would simply go away and thus “decrease the surplus population,” Those who cannot remember the past, or willfully ignore it, are doomed to repeat it.

Webster Groves