After listening to the concerns of some Spring Valley and Spring Valley Woods residents, the Des Peres Board of Aldermen approved Pentrex Development’s request to rezone an area at 641 Ballas Road.

Pentrex plans to put eight homes on 4.85 acres between the two subdivisions formerly known as the Blattner property. Tom O’Toole, an attorney for Pentrex, said the planned development rezoning provides greater flexibility.

“We started with the planning and zoning commission in October 2018, and have changed the plan substantially since then to accommodate concerns from the neighboring subdivisions,” O’Toole said. “The owner, Mr. Tom Wolfner, has met with the residents on numerous occasions to answer their questions.”

The homes will be from 2,000 to 3,400 square feet on an average lot size of 25,000 square feet.

Frank and Jane Melville live south of the proposed development. Their house is next to one of the two proposed houses that would front Ballas Road. The couple would rather see one home built on Ballas Road than two.

“His proposed house as planned would be 20 feet away from our home, and would eliminate any privacy we have,” Jane Melville said.

The site plan, however, shows a distance of 63 feet.

“We started with nine homes and went to eight homes,” O’Toole said. “That’s the most valuable ground in the development, so to take the most valuable property and only develop one because the Melvilles don’t like the house sounds arbitrary to me.”

He did agree to build the house closest to the Melvilles as a ranch-style house with no living quarters above the first floor to allow privacy for the Melvilles.

Construction will be under the direction of the city of Des Peres rather than a subdivision board of trustees.