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Francesca Westendorf, now a senior at Webster Groves High School, planned and executed the replanting of the Hoener Memorial Garden at the Webster Groves Recreation Complex. The new garden is meant to require less maintenance due to the presence of native species. | photo by Ursula Ruhl

I’m glad you’re back, and I generally enjoy the paper. However, I was very surprised to see, in section two of the May 14-20 edition, a full page puff piece on State Sen. Andrew Koenig.  

I wish to respond to the letter from David Sperber in the May 28 Times.  I cannot address all of the dubious assumptions and inferences highlighted in the letter, but let’s examine a few of them and see where the truth lies.  Because the truth is, among other attributes, what makes academics…

Why is Republican congressional leadership opposed to a commission investigation of the violent Jan. 6 assault on the capitol building by Trump supporters?

For all the Trump haters: If Trump actually did all of the things that the left, the media, the liberal educators, Hollywood celebs and outspoken Democrats accused him of doing during his presidency, he could run as a Democrat in 2024 and win by a landslide!