Just because the electrical “smart” meters meet all the federal and state health and safety requirements does not mean that they are not causing health issues. First, many factors are involved in their safety and the materials used in the construction of one’s home can make a difference.

These meters are emitting RF radiation up to 190,000 times a day. If you live in a frame house with fiberglass screens on your windows the radiation can enter your home and cause health problems. The worse place to have it is on a wall outside your bedroom. This is what happened to my husband and me.

We checked the inside of a friend’s home for radiation. Her home was brick and the screens were aluminum. These materials help shield the radiation to a safer level and can explain why some are affected and others aren’t. Outside her meter was emitting unsafe levels of radiation.

For six years without knowing it we were being bombarded by radiation from our meter as we slept. Within those years our health declined dramatically. Our doctors were baffled as to the cause. We both were diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and I developed a chronic rash.

Because the safety standards have not kept up with the new technologies the electrical company can get away with installing these meters. There really is no need for this controversy as the manufacturers can make them safe. In the meantime, many are suffering unnecessary health issues and have not even made the connection to their “smart” meter.

Webster Groves