Eight-year-old Nolan Davis wants kids to know that they, too, can make a change during this time of social unrest.

The young Kirkwood resident organized a Children's Black Lives Matter march on Saturday, June 27. Beginning at Kirkwood Park, Nolan addressed the crowd and lead a march through the streets of his town to make his point.

"Thank you all for coming! I am Nolan Davis. I'm 8 years old and I'll be leading this march because Black Lives Matter is important to me," he said. "I'm worried about black people, like me, getting hurt. Some skin is like chocolate, some is like vanilla, some is mixed together like mine. But we're all people! Even though I'm a kid, it's important to speak my voice so people can hear me and know they can share their voice too, just like me. So today, we're going to share our voices by marching in Kirkwood. When we get back to the park, you can share your voice by talking to the group or writing a chalk message for everyone to see. Black Lives Matter!"

Before and after the march, kids were given the opportunity to share their voices with chalk on the sidewalk.

Nolan decided to organize his march after participating in other Black Lives Matter events in St. Louis. He wanted this event to focus on kids because he believes kids play a special role in the movement.

"I want kids to feel like me — that you should share your voice. Then grown ups can hear kids talk and they'll think they can do it too," said Nolan. "We should all keep marching until all the bad stuff, like hurting black people, stops. If someone tells me I'm too young, I would say, 'That's not true because Black Lives Matter should be important to everyone.'"

photos by Times photographer Diana Linsley