As a regular rider of the #59 and #56 bus, I too am saddened by Metro’s decision to change its service plan and stop the part of the route where I board. I concede that Metro’s decision makes logistical sense, though. As one of the few riders who gets on along Lockwood, I understand that Metro is not popular in this community. Most people here own cars or do not know about the two routes. I understand the need to increase frequency of services in the locations where there are most riders.

While we should keep contacting Metro’s customer service to let them know the importance of our bus routes in our daily commutes, we also must show Metro that Webster, Glendale and Kirkwood value public transportation. We can ensure those who are hesitant that the MetroBus is both safe and convenient (if you plan your trip ahead of time). Check out Google Maps and see how you can change up your commute. Taking the bus helps the planet, too!

Webster Groves