The Webster Groves School Board at its March 11 meeting established 2019-20 salaries for its teachers, keeping the pay scale slightly above St. Louis County median salary, as per past practice.

“Overall, the projected cost of implementing this schedule is estimated to result in a gross increase of 2.029 percent, including step movements and the hold harmless steps,” said Assistant Superintendent Sandy Wiley Skinner.

Webster Groves School District teachers do not work under a collective bargaining contract. The salaries are established through a collaborative, “meet and confer” committee process that ensures salaries are at 105 percent of St. Louis County median salary.

Under the salary schedule adopted, the lowest paid teacher – first step (typically first year) with a bachelor’s degree – will receive $43,607. A first-step teacher with a master’s degree will receive $47,926, a first-step teacher with a master’s and 30 years experience will receive $51,052 and a first-step teacher with a doctorate will receive $53,299.

Steps range from one to 35. A teacher at the fifth tier with a bachelor’s degree will receive $46,706, a fifth-tier teacher with a master’s will receive $52,087, a fifth-tier with a master’s and 30 years experience and a fifth-tier with a doctorate will receive $58,826. A 35th tier (the top tier) teacher with a bachelor’s will receive $55,399 and a 35th tier teacher with a doctorate will receive $97,832.

The certified teaching staff comprises about 60 percent of the district budget.

In addition to increases for the teachers, all support staff will receive a 2 percent increase, Skinner said. She noted, however, that some support staff, who are being paid under the county median for their specific position, will receive 2.7 percent.

Social-Equity Program For Board

With the Webster community’s progressive reputation, it perhaps should come as no surprise that the district wants to ensure the board of education is versed in the social justice imperatives of the day.

The board agreed to commit to the establishment of a social equity training program that board members would attend. Elected leaders of the district’s constituent cities of Shrewsbury, Webster Groves, Glendale, Rock Hill and others would also be invited.

“The topic of equity is something that we believe in strongly. It’s how we create a learning environment that is inclusive for all, permeating every element of our systems as social, racial and anti-bias,” said Superintendent John Simpson. “The board will be engaged in training and development around anti-racism.”

The proposal is being drafted by Education Equity Consultants, which currently provides staff training. The program will cost $3,800 for two facilitators to lead the eight-hour session, which may be delivered in spread-out sessions of one to two hours.