Because I work from home, I miss certain things.

For example, I haven’t had a single piece of office birthday cake in 25 years. Also, why watch The Bachelor when there is no one to discuss it with around the water cooler? Why even have Netflix? Or a water cooler?

Plus, I have never, not once, had the pleasure of wearing jeans to work on Casual Friday. I mean, unless you count the fact that I am wearing jeans right now. But it wasn’t like someone told me I could. You understand what I’m getting at.

And what I’m getting at is this:  I like going to offices. Probably more than most. It’s good to get out sometimes. You see people. You learn things. You can bring cookies.

Which brings me to a good meeting I had recently in Chesterfield.

It started when I pulled into the company’s parking lot. Immediately, I noticed something curious. All the cars in the lot were backed into their parking spaces.

When I went inside, I asked why.

I’m going to be honest with you. The only other place I’ve seen with anywhere close to this many cars backed into parking spaces was a church parking lot. And frankly, it always looks to me like the backer-inners are just poising themselves for a fast exit.

Was the same thing happening here?

Not exactly. It turns out, reverse parking – that’s what this is called – is an actual thing. It’s been studied by engineers and everything. In places like China and Taiwan, people do it all the time. In the U.S., not so much.

One exception is the company I was visiting, which now requires its employees to reverse park on  company property. The company – it’s called Aegion – imposed the policy to raise safety awareness.

Apparently, 20% of all car accidents take place on parking lots, and many of those are caused by drivers backing out of their parking spaces.

But there is more to it.

The research shows that backing into your parking space every day is a lot like making your bed every morning. Both habits can trigger a small sense of accomplishment and kickstart a chain of good decisions throughout the day.  

In other words, back into your parking spot and—next thing you know—you just might change the world. Or at least look both ways before crossing the street.

So, anyway, it’s a new year. I have been in the market for a resolution. Long story short, I tried backing into my garage.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I backed over my bicycle or something.  

Well, I didn’t.

So I’m feeling very accomplished. Also, I’m wearing jeans. And my car is in position for a fast exit.

Here’s to a world-changing 2020.