The Sun Is Also A Star

The Plot:

Natasha Kingsley (Yara Shahidi) is a high school senior whose family is being deported tomorrow. Determined to try every avenue to stay in New York, she sets out on her final day.

Between meetings with lawyers and immigration officials, Natasha meets dreamer Daniel Bae (Charles Melton).

Daniel convinces Natasha to give him her time between meetings in order to prove that love is alive and kicking.

Kent's Take:

“The Sun Is Also A Star” is a delightful romance. Two high school graduates are brought together by fate on Natasha’s final day in the States.

Natasha is a realist like her Jamaican mother. To her, love, magic and fate are intangible myths – life is just a tragedy. Daniel, also the son of an immigrant, sees love, hope and fate as the fuel for his poetry and life. Together, these to opposites attract.

This film is as much a love story for New York as it is for these two star-crossed lovers. The city is shown in its diverse boroughs and sun-drenched beauty.

Although this is an immigrant story, it is not a political one. Director Ry Russo-Young could have spun this into a political statement, but instead chose to focus this romance on two charming immigrant kids with futures they don’t want. Another boon is the lack of social media use in the film. Natasha and Daniel simply talk, hold hands, look into each others’ eyes and kiss – real socialization, real romance.

If there is any shortcoming it’s the fact that this story is very predictable and straightforward relegating the film to a nice but forgettable experience. No real twists here, but the story offered is well done.

The performances are good and more importantly, there is chemistry between the actors. Melton’s hansome Daniel is following his parent’s aspirations for him – that of becoming a doctor – but he wants to be a poet. Gorgeous Natasha’s only aspiration is to keep herself and her family in the city that she loves. Daniel eventually melts Natasha’s cynicism

“The Sun Is Also A Star” reminds us that life is fleeting, embrace the moment, for sometimes all we have is a single day to create a future.