The Hummingbird Project

The Plot:

Vinny (Jesse Eisenberg) and his brilliant cousin Anton (Alexander Skarsgard) leave their prosperous jobs as stock traders to build a high-speed line straight from Kansas to New Jersey.

Their fiberoptic line will be one millisecond faster than their competitors making Vinny and Anton hundreds of millions.

The two entrepreneurs begin a journey through stress, greed, deception and revenge – a path through hell that will lead them to the promised land.

Kent's Take:

“The Hummingbird Project” is a story about time – finding it, manipulating it and keeping it. It is about value, what do we value; in our lives and what should we value?

Vinny wants to see what is at “the end of the line,” while Anton imagines quiet time with his wife and girls. However, they both discover that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is certainly priceless, but is an intangible.

Director Kim Nguyen creates a tale built on speed and greed, twisting this potentially boring narrative into a thriller with memorable characters who have fortunes and lives at stake.

Eisenberg and Skarsgard make this film memorable. Eisenberg memorized the entire script before production and his Vinny reflects that care. He is driven, determined and focused. Skarsgard’s Anton is a dazzling intellectual, easily thinking outside the box to find solutions to perplexing hurdles. Hayek’s Eva Torres, Vinny and Anton’s driven former boss is animated but doesn’t quite capture the character like her two co-stars.

“The Hummingbird Project” is a thoughtful, fast-paced fable that plays like a true story, but has the heart that real life rarely offers.