Pink: All I Know So Far

Streaming on Amazon Prime beginning May 21


Pop-rock singer Pink embarks on her record-breaking Beautiful Trauma world tour in 2019 as she tries to balance being a mom, wife, boss and performer. Director Michael Gracey mixes footage from the road, behind-the-scenes interviews and personal material.


These truths are self-evident in the new Pink documentary: Talent and hard work win every time.

The powerhouse singer whose stage name is P!NK, with an exclamation point instead of an “I,” has cultivated a diverse following as an energetic performer known for celebrating individuality and speaking from the heart. She has sold 90 million albums worldwide and been a pop culture presence since her first album came out in 2000.

This informative documentary pulls back the curtain on her crazy circus life and reveals what it all takes to put on live shows and be a mother of two – Willow, age 8, and Jameson, age 2.

The camera crews follow her for three weeks in Europe leading up to the two nights at Wembley Stadium, conveying what a relentless perfectionist she is in her work and as a conventional mom with an unusual family life.

Director Michael Gracey did the well-received “The Greatest Showman,” and several of those original songs by Justin Pasek and Benji Paul were covered by Pink, including “A Million Dreams” on a “Reimagined” soundtrack. The Oscar-and-Tony-winning duo penned a song for this film, also titled “All I Know So Far,” along with Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore.

With slick editing work from Cindy Mollo, Brad Comfort and Larn Poland, the film is a realistic view of the work necessary to pull off two nights in London for 140,000+ fans.

This backstage doc is a deglamorized peek into show biz, which makes it all the more fascinating as we see the preparations by her ‘village” of dancers, musicians, back-up singers and handlers.

The woman knows how to put on a star-powered show – including showcasing her gymnastic prowess to perform acrobatics in the air. Those aerial scenes are stunning.

Pink, now 41, who seems to be in constant motion as a human being, was involved in nearly every aspect of this doc – as an executive producer, writer and songwriter. We see her inner strength at work and play, and of course this intimate portrait is carefully crafted. Make no mistake, this film is self-promotion, but at least it feels genuine, like Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” and the recent Tina Turner doc.

The director also teamed with Pink and writer-editor Cindy Mollo, and writer Jory Anast on the script.

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, a former professional motocross champion, have been married since 2006, and they work in tandem in a very grounded way. We mainly see them co-parenting with hands-on caretaking: baths, story time, play time and meals together.

But above all, Pink is one of the most successful female artists of our time – and this film shows how she can work a crowd and touch people with her music. Overall, “Pink: All I Know So Far” is an entertaining on-the-road journey in pre-coronavirus pandemic times.