Happy Death Day 2U


When Ryan Phan’s (Phi Vu) physics thesis spikes its energy field, it sends Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) back into the same time loop she just escaped (in the previous film).

This time, she enlists Ryan and his physics crew to help. The physics students struggle to get the programming correct while they avoid being shut down by the Dean. Meanwhile, Tree must stop an escaped killer and also must choose to save one of two loved ones.


“Happy Death Day 2U” jumps right in where the first film ends, yet, this time around, Tree has a more complex riddle to solve.

It is imperative that you see the original film “Happy Death Day” to really understand what is happening.

Using traditional horror conventions, audiences are quickly brought into the live-die-repeat process used in several other films already. What distinguishes this film is the fact that this is a sequal within this interesting convention – the time loop. Because of this fact, the audience and characters need not be introduced to the premise. Tree and friends jump right into the dilemma, knowing that they are caught in a time loop.

Eventually, we and Tree discover that she must make a very difficult choice. This touching moment is the best acted and most genuine moment in the film.

This “Ground Hog Day” meets slasher film thriller/comedy is defined by poor acting and mediocre writing.

Although the expressive Jessica Rothe tries her best to carry the film, there just isn’t enough good writing to help her.

“Happy Death Day 2U” is a fun, ridiculous lark, but could have been elevated with a little more care and much better writing 4U.