Blow The Man Down

From L to R: Marybeth Connolly (Morgan Saylor) & Priscilla Connolly (Sophie Lowe). Photographer Jeong “JP” Park.

The Plot:

Priscilla Connolly (Sophie Lowe) and her sister Mary Beth (Morgan Saylor) have just lost their mother. As their sleepy New England village of Easter Cove reminisces about their mother, the sisters struggle.

Mary Beth wants to flee, while Priscilla worries about keeping her mother’s shop going and keeping their home.

When Mary Beth gets in over her head, she finds herself in a dangerous situation.

As the town sheriff and deputy investigate the incident, this quiet fishing village’s secrets become exposed– revealing a tasty tale of lies and deceit.

Kent's Take:

“Blow The Man Down” is a hearty helping of murder, secrets and small town history. The film begins streaming on Amazon Prime this Friday. The subtlety is perfect and the story is tense, yet playful.

Priscilla and Mary Beth are two sweet girls who are left with little after their mother passes. As we witness Mary Beth get into, then out of, a bad situation – the two sisters begin to inadvertently unravel this town’s dark tapestry of secrets.

Directors Bridgette Savage Cole & Danielle Krudy capture both the grit and hardness of a New England fishing town as well as a small town’s gossipy inhabitants and the judgemental nature that follows. However, Easter Cove has a darker, edgier underbelly and that’s what gives this film its zing and its hardened undercurrent!

This is simply a worthy film that is female-centric. Although innocent, even Priscilla and Mary Beth are toughened women. Their honesty and worry reveal their hearts while almost every other character has a stain on their soul.

This story is as raw as a fresh catch. As the tension builds, viewers are as enamored of the characters as they are of the unfolding mystery.

“Blow The Man Down” is a nicely filmed, beautifully written, skillfully directed tale of old histories, bad decisions and the idea that some secrets are better left hidden.

Lynn's Take:

A contemporary film noir with humor and female empowerment? Yes, please.

Something’s fishy in this coastal Maine town. And by the way, what’s up with this pastoral New England state being a hot bed of sinister activity? After all, Stephen King’s novels are set there, and so were the episodes of “Murder, She Wrote.”

This low-budget work by first-time directors Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy has an appealing offbeat quality. As co-writers, they won Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and were nominated for Best First Screenplay at the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards.

They also attracted recognizable character actors to play these unusual roles, which helps considerably. 

The great Margo Martindale has the best lines and delivers them with gusto. She’s joined by Oscar nominee June Squibb, who’s from Vandalia, Ill., and performed at the Muny during her early years. She’s always a delightful presence, as is Marceline Hugot, a veteran of countless movies and TV shows. Then there is Annette O’Toole, last seen as Clark Kent’s mom in “Smallville.”

They up their game here, and their presence also gives the movie a lived-in quality that grabs us early. The youthful pair playing the sisters also serve the material well.

“Blow the Man Down” might remind you of “Fargo” with all that snow and memorable quirky characters, and that’s not a bad thing. While it isn’t in the same league as the Coen Brothers masterpiece, this comic murder mystery is still entertaining in its own original, unpredictable, endearing way.

And it’s a tidy 90 minutes. You can find this little gem on Amazon Prime starting March 20.