The Plot:

Thanos has won. Half of the population across the galaxy has turned to dust – our heroes have failed. Although retribution is swift it is unfullfilling.

As Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) stares death in the eye, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America (Chris Evans) stare a grim reality in the face.

Although hope has been lost for most, some refuse to move on. Some refuse to quit, some will do whatever it takes to right Thanos’ wrong – some are Avengers.

Kent’s Take:

Imagine writing a story spanning 11 years, 11 franchises and totaling 21 films. Now imagine having to write the final concluding film – no pressure!

The amazing crescendo to the Infinity War narrative required all hands on deck and all participants to perform at their peak ability. From writers, directors, special effect gurus, costumers, actors, to cinematographers, everyone deserves both the kudos of a job very well done and the gobs of cash that will soon begin rolling in.

I cannot speak in detail about this film without spoiling the fun, so forgive my broad strokes.

At three hours and one minute, “Avengers: Endgame” brings a remarkable story, a staggering undertaking and a deeply emotional journey to its end.

Each character faces their personal demons, each makes peace, each finds solace within the confines of their weaknesses.

Themes dealing with loss, hope and sacrifice flavor this film, while tension and outstanding action fuel it.

Almost all of the 24-plus heroes in this concluding drama find their moment in the spotlight. Downey, Jr., Evans and Johansson give strong performances, balancing the action and adventure with their heart-felt emotion.

Directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo managed to align the planets in coordinating a complex ensemble film. The pacing is outstanding, offering nostalgic moments, full-blown action and the memorable Marvel one liners. They also manage to allow every male sci-fi/fantasy convention attendee to be able to realistically dress as Thor – thank you writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

“Avengers: Endgame” not only exceeds the high bar set by fans, it beautifully drives home the concept that inevitably, everything has an end.

Lynn's Take:

A humorous, emotional, heartbreaking and thrilling finale, “Avengers: Endgame” is a satisfying conclusion to a sprawling narrative with multi-dimensional superheroes.

The Russo brothers have wrapped up the Marvel Cinematic Universe mythology in fine fashion. When they assemble, Iron Man quips, but he’s content. Captain America is burdened by duty. The Hulk just lets it all hang out. Thor can’t let things go.

The lovingly crafted script is thoughtful – with astounding attention to detail, weaving in past characters to fit into the super-sized saga. Their problem-solving seems plausible. Surprises galore pop up – no spoilers here – because it is so fun to watch.

The strength of the actors has always made their characters’ personal relationships special, and the core group really makes it matter with this sequel. In contrast to the bleak and darker “Avengers: Infinity War,” this family-centered one has more hope and determination. The poignancy produces both tears and laughter.

The three-hour movie is full of moments, big and small, in addition to grand entrances and exits. Of course, the galaxy showdown is everything you expect it to be.

The technical aspects are stunning, and this seamless film moves swiftly without a lull. Every story arc is engaging, with interesting layers. Thor adds physical comedy as he ponders his purpose on Earth.

For 11 years, Marvel made us care about these characters as they attempted to save the world. This wrap is a wonderful gift to their fans.