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The acclaimed but strange animated film, “I Lost My Body,” has expert visuals and an oddly fascinating story.

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“Les Miserables” is a film imitating life with interesting questions, few suitable answers and plenty of emotional reactions.

“Invisible Life” is a beautifully lyrical look at the pain and consequences of loss and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

"Like A Boss" is a kind of paycheck movie the trio signed up for, and although everyone tries real hard, it’s just a throwaway piece of entertainment aimed at a girls’ night out for female friends looking for a few hours’ respite of a cold winter and a cruel world.

Focusing on two soldiers gives “1917” its personal touch, its heart and soul – delivering a memorable, respectful and haunting take on the horrors and heroism of war.

“Just Mercy” is a sad, dismaying story of one man’s fight against a system twisted into a nightmare for innocent men and the determination of Bryan Stevenson to correct these injustices.

“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” sees the sun set on this trilogy and these characters, making this both a suitable conclusion and a relief.

“Bombshell” is a beautifully acted film of degradation and humiliation as men of a powerful media company are finally brought to THEIR knees.

“The Two Popes” beautifully contrasts the austere man with the carefree man as two powerful figures view their church from opposing angles – to find common ground and friendship.

“Richard Jewell” takes a man that is a diamond in the rough and transforms him into a real American hero.

“Waves” is an emotional film of loss, tragedy and forgiveness as a family struggles to stay afloat as their bonds are strained to the point of breaking. This film is certainly a worthy choice for moviegoers this holiday season.

This biographical drama is a high adventure – literally. Combining science with breath-taking heights, “The Aeronauts” will bring all of us closer to the stars.

With LaBoeuf’s well-documented bad-boy behavior during his checkered career, you have an instant frame of reference. And with his attempts at redemption, plus success with the recent “The Peanut Butter Falcon,” the film may make you think differently.

“Marriage Story” is an emotional film that will send audiences through the wringer as a married couple is reduced to mean-spirited, petty people while within the court system – to finally find truth and common ground.

“Knives Out” deftly carves a path of doubt, dilemma and convolution as a bickering family faces off against investigators and one another.

“Dark Waters” offers an unforgettable story of betrayal and deceit by corporate America and the undying determination shown by one man who stood against the gale of injustice.

“The Irishman” is a film that tells a very specific mob story. It is draped with wise guys we’ve seen before, following the time-honored traditions of the Cosa Nostra.

“The Report” is a story based in truth that is built as a race car, but given little fuel to accelerate the pace. “The Report” would have been better as a documentary rather than as a feature length drama because this film plays more as the 7000 page report rather than its 500 page summary.