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“Waves” is an emotional film of loss, tragedy and forgiveness as a family struggles to stay afloat as their bonds are strained to the point of breaking. This film is certainly a worthy choice for moviegoers this holiday season.

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This biographical drama is a high adventure – literally. Combining science with breath-taking heights, “The Aeronauts” will bring all of us closer to the stars.

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With LaBoeuf’s well-documented bad-boy behavior during his checkered career, you have an instant frame of reference. And with his attempts at redemption, plus success with the recent “The Peanut Butter Falcon,” the film may make you think differently.

“Marriage Story” is an emotional film that will send audiences through the wringer as a married couple is reduced to mean-spirited, petty people while within the court system – to finally find truth and common ground.

“Knives Out” deftly carves a path of doubt, dilemma and convolution as a bickering family faces off against investigators and one another.

“Dark Waters” offers an unforgettable story of betrayal and deceit by corporate America and the undying determination shown by one man who stood against the gale of injustice.

“The Irishman” is a film that tells a very specific mob story. It is draped with wise guys we’ve seen before, following the time-honored traditions of the Cosa Nostra.

“The Report” is a story based in truth that is built as a race car, but given little fuel to accelerate the pace. “The Report” would have been better as a documentary rather than as a feature length drama because this film plays more as the 7000 page report rather than its 500 page summary.

“A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” is a delight. From cast, to directing, to writing. Although this film is not for younger viewers, it is for the younger viewer within all of the adults.

“Frozen II” will satisfy its fans and then some, but its light tension and weak musical numbers will prevent this enjoyable animated feature from reaching the stars.

“21 Bridges” offers an uneven story with little depth and substance, forcing this critic to recommend viewers not cross this bridge at full admission price.

“The Good Liar” is a good yarn, weaving its webs of deceit. This thriller strikes a delicate balance between its two characters, the game in which they find themselves and the certain revenge it exacts.

“Ford v Ferrari” is a top-notch action film strengthened by its historical truth, revved up with a talented cast and shifted into overdrive by its skilled writers and director.

“Doctor Sleep” is a tension-filled gem, that is engaging, thoroughly scary and poses a simple question, “What do you believe in?” because the world is a very dark place.

Edward Norton debuts with a bang, directing and writing an intriguing crime story adaptation that luxuriates on screen with slick retro style.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” explodes with tension from its opening and like its robotic inhabitants, is reckless, hardcore and unforgiving. Younger viewers will discover the power of a traditional action movie, while veterans of these films will drink in its violent glory.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” explodes with tension and like its robotic inhabitants, is reckless, hardcore and unforgiving. Younger viewers will discover the power of a traditional action movie, while veterans of these films will drink in its violent glory.

“Harriet” is an inspirational story of hope. Hope for a solitary woman who ignored a culture of fear and “can’t” to rise up and lead a revolution of change.

“Jojo Rabbit” is an absolute gem, peppering viewers with a maverick story, uncomfortable laughs, and a harrowing comedy about a Nazi Youth’s transformation back into a child.

“The Current War” crackles with possibilities as two Titans fight to light America. Unfortunately, everything glows except the emotional story of power, integrity and creation – resulting in a low wattage film that struggles to light the imagination.

“The Lighthouse” is one of those tough-watch movies that you would never want to see again, and its overly complicated script, hampers its overall effectiveness.

“Dolemite Is My Name” pops in a variety of ways, and is simply a fun and entertaining experience.

“The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash” is both uplifting and inspirational as we find a genuine person willing to show his flaws and scars alongside his talents.