Star Wars Resistance: Complete Season One


Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono is a newly recruited pilot for the Resistance to spy on the First Order – an up-and-coming threat. He soon finds that he is in over his head as Kaz encounters ace pilots, pirates and alien creates of all types.

Enjoy the 21 episodes, 4 audio commentaries, 12 bonus shorts and an exclusive sneek peek at the making of the series.

Bonus Features:

• Path of Resistance- Join supervising director Justin Ridge and the cast of “Star Wars Resistance” for a special look at the past, present and future of the show.

• Cast Audio Commentaries – With Christopher Sean (voice of Kaz, Myrna Velasco (voice of Torra Doza), Scott Lawrence (voice of Jarek Yeager) and Josh Brener (voice of Neeku Vozo).

* The High Tower

* The Platform Classic

* Bibo

* No Escape: Part 2

• Bonus Shorts –

* The Search For Kaz

* Dart and Cover

* Neeku’s Reward

* Bucket’s Quest

* Whe Thieves Drop By

* Treasure Chest

* G-LN

* Unmotivated*

* The Need For Speed

* The Rematch

* Sixty Seconds to Destruction

* Buggle’s Day Out

• Resistance Rewind

* Resistance Rewind 1.1 – “Meet Kaz” – Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono may be a fish-out-of-water spy, but flying is another story.

* Resistance Rewind 1.2 – “Being Torra” – The nicest of the Aces is also very hard to beat.

* Resistance Rewind 1.3 – “Aliens of the Colossus” – Meet Neeku and Orka, just two of the delightfully strange new characters on the Colossus platform.

* Resistance Rewind 1.4 – “Yeager’s Story” – While Kaz is busy spying, Yeager is the father figure trying to keep him and the rest of Team Fireball in line and out of trouble.

* Resistance Rewind 1.5 – “Into the Aces Lounge” – Learn how the Aces view themselves – and the challenges they face as protectors of the Colossus.

* Resistance Rewind 1.6 – “Whispers of the First Order” – Discover how animators translated the threat of the First Order into new space battles and unique never-before-seen soldiers.

* Resistance Rewind 1.7 – “All About Poe” – Oscar Isaac reprises his role as Poe Dameron and the creative teams talk about translating the character into animation.

* Resistance Rewind 1.8 – “Pirates, Thugs and Thieves” – The motley crew running with Kragan Gorr is looking for power just like the rising menace of the First Order, so it’s only natural for the two to join forces.

* Resistance Rewind 1.9 – “Stylish Starships” – Dive into the history of Star Wars Starfighters and galactic racing culture.

* Resistance Rewind 1.10 – “Doza’s Deal” – Learn all about Captain Doza, Imperial defector and doting father to Torra Doza.

* Resistance Rewind 1.11 – “The State of the Resistance” – As Leia and the Resistance rise up to gather information and intel on the First Order, the show’s creators dive into the importance of the characters and the era in the galactic timeline.

* Resistance Rewind 1.12 – “Getting To Know Neeku” – Meet Neeku, Team Fireball’s Nikto mechanic, and Josh Brener, the actor who gives the character his infectiously optimistic personality.

* Resistance Rewind 1.14 – “Bringing in BB-8” – Animators went back to the drawing board, using original BB-8 concept art to inspire the look of the astromech droid in the new show.

* Resistance Rewind 1.15 – “Tower Defense” – Captain Doza observes the Colossus platform from the comfort of his pristine tower, which artists designed to contrast with the rest of the base.

* Resistance Rewind 1.16 – “First Order Occupation” – The First Order Has a polarizing effect on the denizens of the Colossus.

* Resistance Rewind 1.17 – “Secret Agent” – How could anyone this goofy, this klutzy, this . . . loud, be a spy?

* Resistance Rewind 1.18 – “The First Order’s Plan” – Ther’s a lot of worry and fear about the First Order’s intentions in the galaxy.

* Resistance Rewind 1.19 – “A Beautiful Friendship” – For Kaz and Torra, an amicable rivalry has turned into a solid friendship.

* Resistance Rewind 1.20 – “Troubling Times for Tam” – Tam learns that her friends on team Fireball are not who she thought they were.

* Resistance Rewind 1.21 – “General Hux Takes The Stage” – A familiar moments from “The Force Awakens” is recreated to devastating effect.

* Resistance Rewind 1.22 – “The Colossus sets a course” – An unexpected turn of events puts team Fireball, the Aces, and the rest of the Colossus on a new path.