A tiny virus is teaching us lessons about our humanity. It’s made us more aware of our vulnerability and of our connection with others. We will learn a lot about ourselves and our neighbors before it retreats back to its secret hiding place in nature.

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The newly appointed manager of Kirkwood’s (soon to be) newly constructed Performing Arts Center is Rick Duplissie, a graduate of two institutions of higher education in the St. Louis region. 

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As this tale of struggle reaches its crescendo, audiences will find both a satisfying twist and a conclusion that certainly reaches “The High Note.”

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It is rare to find a low-budget independent film that is so assured, so confident in its fluid camera movements and spot-on production elements that it makes you believe in the thrilling possibility of movies. “The Vast of Night” is the most pleasant of surprises – a thoroughly satisfying genre film that gets many things right for 89 captivating minutes.