A plea to the Kirkwood School District: 

Superintendent Dr. David Ulrich, as we sit here today, in the second month of 2021, seven months into a different kind of school day, the question must be asked: When will our middle and high school students be back in the classroom full time? 

Numerous neighboring districts, public and private, are back to full days and have been for some time now. The data is clearer than ever: It’s time to get all of our kids (who choose to be there) back in the classroom. 

This isn’t a new question we want answered. It has been asked repeatedly for months on end. We have asked you via email, phone calls and face-to-face meetings, yet you and the board of education still refuse to give us what we, the parents, teachers and students deserve — a definitive date of return. 

The district announced last week that the Kirkwood Early Childhood Center will return to in-person learning five days a week, and that school facilities will open for outside rentals. Dr. Ulrich, please tell us it isn’t really just all about money. We don’t want to believe that, but your recent actions, paired with no response to numerous questions from a multitude of individuals, are not reassuring us. 

In a recent email to you, the facts were laid out that the virus is not being transmitted in our Kirkwood schools, that our Kirkwood students are failing at unprecedented rates and that the mental health issues of our students are multiplying. 

These kids need to be back in the classroom. They are being left behind, and we are failing them. The time to act is now. Please, for the sake of our students, especially our high school seniors, get them back in the classroom full time. It is your duty, and it is our childrens’ right!

Matt & Jill Losse