Ford Model T  NL

Young men and a young woman riding in a Ford automobile at 18th Street and Locust. Photograph by unknown, ca. 1918. Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collection. Swekosky Notre Dame College Collection. Image number n25985

Two self-confessed "gearheads" will peddle their book on the Golden Age of Autos in St. Louie at a car show this Sunday. The site of the book launch and show is at the National Museum of Transportation on Barrett Station Road from 1-4 p.m., Oct. 27.

The two car junkies are: Molly Butterworth, a past curator and director of the transport museum, and Thomas Eyssell, a professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis for 30 years, and a "car guy" for 50 years.

"Detroit may be known as the motor city, but as with so many things, St. Louis has a car story to tell that even many long-time St. Louisians are not aware of," said Eyssell. "This region has a great deal to be proud of, and its contribution to the development of one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind is truly inspiring."

The National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, that captures so much of that local history, is one of the top such museums in all of America.

"Our St. Louis National Museum of Transportation not only features an entire gallery of St. Louis-built vehicles such as Dorris and Moon and Traffic, but others throughout its auto exhibits," said Butterworth. "I would challenge any museum in the country to match the significance of the collection here."

To really get your engine going, be sure to pick up your copy of the Webster-Kirkwood or South County Times newspaper and read the rest of Don Corrigan's article on the front page. Then, visit the National Museum of Transportation and check out the upcoming book!