In honor of Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we asked kids at Flyers Club — a weekday summer camp at Lindbergh Early Childhood Education West — what they love most about their dad.

Here’s some of what they had to say.

Owen, age 6: “I love that he makes me bacon.”

Brady, age 9: “I love that his favorite color is green and my favorite color is green, and he makes me laugh a lot. I like it when he comes home because then my brother won’t boss me around anymore.”

Leah, age 6: “I love my dad because I love him, and I love that he plays with me a lot.”

Katie, age 10: “I like how he always makes me laugh.”

Michael, age 8: “I really like my dad because he’s really funny and he gives me stuff and he’s my favorite dad in the world. I never want to lose him, and I want to be with him forever.”

Rosemarie, age 9: “He always helps me bake and do my homework.”

Elena, age 6: “He makes me laugh.”

Lex, age 8: “I love that my dad works hard and I also love my dad because he is sweet and generous.”

Aubrey, age 6: “He makes me waffles in the morning … and sausage.”

Henry, age 8: “He’s funny and when I get home from the bus, he comes home and that makes me feel glad.”

Henry, age 8: “He’s funny and when I get home from the bus, he comes home and that makes me feel glad.”

Cora, age 10: “I love how we garden together.”

Layne, age 5: “I love playing Legos with him.”

Landon, age 6: “He plays with me.”

Mason, age 6: “I love that he’s fun and silly.”



Eve, age 7: “I really love my dad because he plays games with me a lot.”

Norah, age 6: “He plays with me and we dance together, and my dad swings me up off the ground.”

Levi, age 9: “He’s funny. He takes care of me.”

Sydney, age 7: “I love that he’s very funny and that he’s very nice.”



Josie, age 6: “He gives me things and he loves me. We like to play music.”

Bentley, age 7: “I love him because he’s funny.”



Omar, age 9: “I love that he plays sports with me, like soccer, hockey and ping pong. And he’s funny.”

Drake, age 6: “He plays baseball with me outside.”

Connor, age 7: “He’s careful. He takes care of me when I’m sick.”



Wilson, age 6: “Whenever I need help, he helps me. Whenever I’m playing outside, he plays with me.”



Lucy, age 6: “I love him because he reads to me at night before I go to bed, and he plays Mario with me.”

Sophia, age 7: “He’s funny and always takes me places and always makes me happy when he gets home.”



Carson, age 9: “I love that he’s really funny, and he taught me how to play soccer, and he’s really nice.”

Luke, age 7: “I love that he’s funny.”

Mira, age 8: “He is just very caring and whenever something goes wrong, he lets me talk to him about it.”

At Flyers Club, kids between the ages of 5 and 12 come to Lindbergh ECE West between 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, to go on field trips, swim, play outside, create arts and crafts, and do educational activities — all before going home to see their beloved Dad.

We are wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our community.