Well that was fun, these past two spring months of total immersion in a winter sport. We are going to press and I don’t yet know the outcome of Game 7; regardless, I’m going to miss the boys in the Blues jerseys.

So on this Friday, we’re either making plans to attend the biggest downtown parade seen around these parts in a generation, or in the throes of a total media blackout as a coping mechanism. Except, of course, for the South County Times. No matter what happened, it’s time to get back to life more typical for mid-June. So hello summer, when did you get here? Here are some things we may have overlooked while bleeding blue:

The Cardinals. Remember them? They owe the Blues a big thank-you for allowing them to play in relative obscurity these past two months. But now it’s time to start paying attention and I think they’re going to make it interesting. A bonus: Next week, Albert Pujols returns to St. Louis for the first time since the 2011 World Series.

Circus Flora. In its 30th year, this unique, one-ring circus production near Grand Center never disappoints. This year’s show, “The Caper in Aisle 6,” is set in a grocery store that will be very familiar to you. It’s here through June 30.

The Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. One of those events you always say you’ll go to and then regret that you never got around to it. The comedy “Love’s Labors Lost” is getting rave reviews and runs through June 23. Pack your picnic basket.

The Muny. Speaking of picnics, the Muny debuts a new, modern stage for its 101st season that will allow for quicker set changes and sleeker productions. You’ll miss the big trees that framed the stage, but they’re growing replacements out-state that will be transplanted next spring; the natural canopy will return. One thing never changes: The shows will continue to delight.

The local pools. Pick one: RiverChase in Fenton, Whitecliff in Crestwood, Sunset Hills. Listen to pop tunes on the radio, smell the chlorine and Coppertone, and take a cannonball off the diving board or a float in a lazy river. The pool is a place where everyone feels as if they’re 12 again.

The local beer garden/wildlife sanctuary/Clydesdale paddock. Also known as Grant’s Farm, perhaps South County’s biggest treasure.

The local mall. Oops. Scratch that. Some old summer hangout habits are hard to break.

The local library. Feel the blast of super cold A/C when you walk into the door and smile at the invitation to the summer reading club. I still want to sign-up my boys, even though they’re in their 20s. But typically I’m running in to pick up a book off the request shelf. Those two-week, non-renewable bestsellers are keeping me up late at night, and it’s awesome. It’s OK — it’s summertime.