Once again, and I know this will come as a shock, Missouri’s Republican dominated legislature, abetted by Republican Gov. Mike Parson, have shown their collective bare derriere to Missouri educators, parents and students!

Parson’s signing of legislation to prohibit Missouri schools from starting no more than 14 days before Labor Day is causing great consternation among Missouri educators and parents who must now deal with the consequence of legislative stupidity. Educational administrators now must tinker with class schedules, classroom hours, holidays during the school year and meeting of federal educational requirements, etcetera.

The cause of this unnecessary turmoil: Republican legislators concocted the mandatory start time in a purported effort to aid Missouri tourism. With the extended summer vacation caused by the later start date for schools, Missouri’s legislative wizards figured that Show Me moms and dads could spend more time and money recreating at Branson and Lake Ozark, et al.

So, it is crystal clear: Republican legislators believe that the education of Missouri children takes a backseat to the economic needs of businesses operating at the state’s many recreational locations. Parents, please remember this educational debacle next time you’re standing — ballot in hand, at your local polling place. Your child’s future may be dramatically affected by your vote.

Green Park