By Rob Rains

The optimism the Cardinals had that there would be no more than two positive tests for COVID-19 among their players and staff was quickly erased on Saturday when they received the results of two more rounds of tests.

Multiple media outlets reported there had been four more positive tests, one player and three staff members, leading to the postponement of Saturday night’s game against the Brewers.

The future of the rest of the season is very much in doubt.

The Cardinals became the third team in the last week to have multiple players test positive for coronavirus, leading to the postponement of multiple games. The first outbreak hit the Marlins, who have had more than a dozen players test positive, and it spread to the Phillies, their opponent when those players were tested.

Neither team has played since last Monday.

There were several national media reports on Saturday that baseball officials have instructed television partners to have alternate programming ready, to perhaps begin as early as next week, if the season is suspended or shut down.

As with the two positive tests on the Cardinals reported on Friday, the names of the other player and staff members who tested positive have not been released.

All members of the Cardinals’ traveling party underwent two rounds of testing on Friday after the results of tests administered on Wednesday in Minneapolis came back with two positive results. The players were told Friday to stay in their rooms at the team’s Milwaukee hotel, pending the results of the new rounds of tests.

Players and staff reportedly were being tested again on Saturday.

Friday’s game was postponed as a result of the first two positive tests, but at that time the Cardinals were still scheduled to play Saturday night and to meet the Brewers in a doubleheader on Sunday.

It’s possible the Cardinals will be forced to spend several days in their hotel in Milwaukee and not play as scheduled on Monday and Tuesday in Detroit. They are scheduled to come back home on Wednesday night, also to play against the Tigers.

The Cardinals likely will comment on the situation at some point on Saturday.

This story will be updated throughout the day as more information becomes available.

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