Lindbergh Lights the Way invites the community to give a gift to make the holidays a little brighter for families in need this season, during the organization’s inaugural launch of the “Lindbergh Lights Up the Holidays” campaign.

Difficulties for families can arise at any time, but this can be especially true and emotionally challenging during the holidays. All funds collected through the “Lindbergh Lights Up the Holidays” campaign will be used for crediting utility accounts such as electric, gas, and water, for families in need.

To donate, visit:, or or send a check made payable to Lindbergh Schools Foundation, attn: Lindbergh Lights Up The Holidays, 9350 Sappington Rd, St. Louis, Mo., 63126.

“Our goal is to simply provide some much-needed relief to families who find themselves in critical situations,” said Jennifer Abercrombie, campaign chairperson. “The gift of a warm home is a great way to do that!”

About Lindbergh Lights the Way

Lindbergh Lights The Way is a new organization that includes district social workers and community leaders, and is a resource for students and families throughout Lindbergh Schools who may need a helping hand participating in events and meeting basic needs.

The organization’s mission is to engage Lindbergh students in activities outside of the classroom and to support students and their families in times of need.

To make a donation to Lindbergh Lights the Way’s general fund, send a check made payable to Lindbergh Schools Foundation, attn: Lindbergh Lights The Way, 9350 Sappington Rload, St. Louis, Mo. 63126.

Want to learn more? We can be reached at, or call Michelle Studer at 314-729-2400, ext. 7536 and Laura Brunsman at 314-729-2400, ext. 1582.