An 11-lot, 174-acre light industrial development on Gravois Road is in the planning stages, and the Sunset Hills Planning and Zoning Commission got the first official look at the proposal on May 1.

The development, cobbled together from eight properties between 10320 Winter Industrial Drive and 13144 Gravois Road, would require minimal land disturbance as storm sewers, sanitary sewers and utilities are already on the site. The concept plan was presented by Marty Henson, an engineering consultant representing potential petitioner Ryan Winter of Winter Brothers.

Henson said if Winter moves forward, he will seek planned development-light industrial zoning. Existing businesses including Bucheit Construction, Sunbelt Rentals and the Winter Brothers’ home office would remain as part of the light-industrial park. Midwest Products would not be included in the possible redevelopment.

Winter did not openly speculate as to what types of new businesses he hopes to include in the final development. City Engineer Bryson Baker said because what was presented to the commission was only a concept plan, more details would not come out until a plat is submitted.

Commission Chairman Terry Beiter said the rough plan “appears to be on the right track,” though he sought assurances that residential properties nearest the site would not be infringed upon during the course of possible redevelopment.

The site is near the Meramec River and located partly within a flood plain. City Planner Lynn Sprick said if the site is redeveloped, state wetland requirements would have to be observed.