Doing errands on Memorial weekend, I was disappointed to see so few American flags in people’s yards. I felt this lack of displaying our country’s emblem dishonored our fallen men and women and also disrespected our United States, which is in such turmoil, not only from outside but also from…

I enjoyed Don Corrigan’s article on Sunset Country Club. I was very surprised to hear that it wasn’t started by Busch, because he was not accepted into any other St. Louis clubs.

A recent letter by Michael Broughton (SCT Mailbag, May 31) is very partisan. Was Nixon impeached? As far as I can recall, Andrew Johnson and William Clinton were the only presidents impeached.

Our mayor has brought government in Fenton pretty much to a stop. He is holding some special meetings to take care of emergencies; however, he is refusing to conduct regularly scheduled committee meetings. Our city administrator apparently couldn’t work in this environment and has resigned.