Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc. is continuing an online presence for the Webster-Kirkwood Times and West End Word. The Webster-Kirkwood Times and the South County Times discontinued print editions effective with the March 27 issues. West End Word completed its print run with the April 3 edition. Evaluations for a future print product will be made as more information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes known. The owners and the staff of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, South County Times and West End Word are grateful for the years of confidence our advertising clients and our readers have placed in our newspapers.

As for the future, we shall see. Meanwhile, we wish good health to the families of all of our readers and visitors. We are especially grateful for the services of our first responders, health care workers, the people who keep our mail coming, and those who provide service in our supermarkets, local restaurants and other businesses operating with curbside service. Please support local businesses whenever possible.

Dwight Bitikofer


Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc.