A petition is circulating among Fenton residents requesting that St. Louis County prosecutors examine 10 alleged violations by Fenton Mayor Joshua Voyles and determine appropriate charges.

Fenton resident Darryl Davidson said some residents felt the petition was necessary when Voyles’ refused to resign his mayoral role after leaving the scene of a Dec. 16 vehicle accident.

The accident resulted in $5,117.12 of destruction to another resident’s truck. A trail of fluids and debris led from the victim’s battered truck to Voyles’ driveway and heavily damaged pickup, according to a police report.

The officer who authored the initial accident report stated Voyles appeared to be “in an intoxicated state” when police spoke to him at his residence minutes after the victim called in the crash at approximately 1:18 a.m. on Dec. 16. 2018.

Voyles eventually admitted to causing the accident when detectives questioned him a few days later and confronted him about his inconsistent explanations, according to the police report. Then, when the victim was asked to sign a “no prosecution form,” the case was closed by police detectives and no charges were filed.

“Residents are up in arms about the fact that this mayor is still walking the streets as our mayor. He thinks he’s above the law. Justice hasn’t been served in this case,” said Davidson, who added that he and his family live in the subdivision where the accident occurred.

He said the whole ordeal has left them with uncomfortable feelings because their family members work late hours and neighbors walk their dogs at night.

“If this had been any other resident, he would’ve been in jail. A hit-and-run is four years in prison,” said Davidson.

The petition states Voyles acted in a manner below the dignity of the mayoral office and that he deliberately interfered with police procedures. It says Voyles “falsified information he gave police during two of their investigations when questioned after he left the scene of an accident.”

“After the mayor lied to police, how can you trust him about anything else?” said Davidson.

Fenton-specific ordinances that petitioners claim were violated by Voyles associated with the December incident include:

• Section 120.140: Mayor Shall Have The Power To Enforce Laws.

• Section 310.070: Immediate Notice of Accident Within City.

• Section 310.100: Leaving The Scene of A Motor Vehicle Accident.

• Section 342.020: Driving While Intoxicated.

• Section 205.060: Concealing An Offense.

• Section 205.130: False Reports.

• Section 305.020: Police Department To Investigate Accidents.

St. Louis County ordinances that petitioners say also were violated by Voyles include:

• 701.100: False Report to Police Unlawful.

• 1218.010: Leaving Accident Scene Prohibited.

• 1212.010: Driving While Intoxicated.

“It’s a shame that nothing’s been done about this,” said Davidson.

Voyles said at a Feb. 7 board meeting he considered the incident a “personal matter, not city business,” while also saying he was sorry for his mistake.

Mayor Voyles is up for reelection on April 2.