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Missouri’s official musical instrument is the fiddle. The Celtic Harp is Ireland’s official symbol. Both magical music makers came together at the fifth annual Irish Salon in Webster Groves to kick off the St. Louis Irish parade season.

Elsa Lemp Wright, of the famously “haunted” St. Louis family, was discovered dead in her bed on March 20, 1920, with a bullet clean through her chest. Her death, like many others in her family, was ruled a suicide. 

A generation of marketers may have misappropriated the term “battle of the bulge” to spice up their campaigns to sell diet regimens to the body-conscious public, but historians refer to it in capital letters to memorialize one of the most significant, grueling battles of World War II. 

With wildfires raging globally and 2019 being the second hottest year on record, even climate change skeptics are starting to look for answers. Could planting a trillion trees reduce carbon pollution and spur a needed cool down?

Spearheaded by founder of Alpha Entertainment Vince McMahon, the original XFL was a professional American football league which ran for a single season in 2001. Airing in late winter and early spring, it sought to take advantage of sports fans’ lingering desire for football after the NFL sea…

A St. Louis Archdiocese plan for the combining of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Crestwood and St. Raymond Maronite Cathedral, located on the near south side of the city, has raised a bit of anxiety and a lot of questions for members of both  parishes.

One week after the World Health Organization declared a “global health emergency,” health professionals in the local area are monitoring the situation closely to prevent an outbreak of the dangerous coronavirus here.

About 100 residents attended a presentation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Lower Meramec Multi-Jurisdictional Floodplain Management Plan at the Sunset Hills Recreation Center on Jan. 29. Local elected officials said they may be crafting new legislation in line with the plan’s numerous …

At least 100 people braved snow and cold last Thursday to attend a presentation at Affton High School, where McKelvey Homes discussed building plans for the southernmost section of Resurrection Cemetery in Affton.

Jennifer Abercrombie, a tireless Lindbergh Schools volunteer, has been named “Citizen of the Year” by the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Chamber of Commerce.

At nearly 2,500 miles long, the Mississippi River is the second-longest river in North America. Known affectionately as “Old Man River” and “Father of Waters,” it touches many major U.S. cities including New Orleans, Memphis, Minneapolis and, of course, St. Louis. 

It’s not exactly a dog-eat-dog world out there, but it certainly is competitive. Plants compete for sunlight. Songbirds compete for nesting sites. Predators compete for prey. And teachers compete to be the best educators they can be. 

On wintry days with cold rain, ice and snow, most people of sound mind and body are warming by the gas fire and flat screen or doing yoga at the rec center. They are not thinking about their Meramec River heritage.