Crestwood officials wanted to erect sufficient, easy-to-spot and obvious signage as a warning to drivers moving through school zones that extra precautions and violation fines were in effect.

The step came from studies over the past couple of years regarding escalating speeding problems within the city’s designated school zones.

While city officials indicated the proposed new signs were approved by the Missouri Department of Transportation, they were not approved by St. Louis County officials, for a variety of reasons.

City Administrator Scott Simpson said county representatives felt the new signage to be inconsistent within the overall region, and that drivers should pay attention at all times, not just in certain spots.

Mabie likened the proposed signage to the same special warning type that’s erected near traffic work zones.

“You would think the same rationale would apply,” he added.

Mayor Grant Mabie said the sign initiative was supported by county council members Tim Fitch and Lisa Clancy.