Crestwood officials held a budget hearing on Nov. 27 to outline proposed expenditures for the city’s 2019 finances spanning Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, and to allow for public comments about any related matters.

A percentage of next year’s funds are expected to go toward renovating the bunk house of the Crestwood Department of Fire Services.

The proposed tally for the 2019 general fund is $9,444,239, which will cover city employees’ salaries, mayoral and board member expenses, general services, technology costs, public works, police and fire protection fees and overall finances. Approximately 66 percent of general fund expenditures will go to public safety services.

A total of $1,423,682 was carved out for capital improvements.

Alderman Jerry Miguel was the only board member to vote against the recommended capital improvement budget, saying he believed the street maintenance portion was underfunded. He said at least $700,000 should have been set aside for street slab replacements, rather than the $472,932 line-itemed.

Crestwood’s 2019 Park and Stormwater Fund is funded at the level of $1,812,475, with 80 percent of this budget to cover parks and recreation projects and programs.

Another $135,000 was set for the sewer lateral fund.

Crestwood City Administrator Kris Simpson said the city’s annual budget reflects input from Ways and Means committee members and Crestwood staffers, including himself.

The 2019 budget also includes $571,033 in cash reserves and $329,857 for purchasing a fire truck.