I do not wish to be subjected to a shotgun wedding with the city of St. Louis, arranged by outstate voters, self-serving businessmen and local political vultures.

Stealing residents’ rights of self -determination and representation will not yield the Utopian dream these charlatans are selling. Artificially diluting murder stats by dispersing them over a “population” of 1.3 million versus 300,000 or so might look good on paper, trying to sell the city as “safe,” but 200-plus homicides a year is still just as much blood in the streets. Crimes will not decrease. Only the numbers reported will appear milder.

My sales and property taxes will be diverted to salve the ills of current, dysfunctional St. Louis city, pay for all those street lights, free trash hauling and road repairs. Will all residents of this new Wunder-Stadt, metro dreamscape pay for the new zoo playground which only present county residents were asked to vote on? Do you believe the promise to eliminate the city earnings tax? Like Prop P was only for “police.” Right.

We will all be forced into an earnings tax to fund the redistribution of wealth to serve the greater good of this “regional” collective. And it’s funny how all the municipal districts in the present county will assume their existing financial liabilities except current St. Louis. Who do you think is gonna pay that tab? This is worse than that stupid loop trolley.