The district has settled on having three graduating seniors speak at the May 18 Affton High School graduation, putting to bed a minor controversy over which and how many students will give parting addresses.

The solution is a marriage of tradition and democracy.

Assistant Principal Tim Luecke told school board members at the April 2 meeting that the valedictorian and salutatorian, the students with the best and second best grade-point averages, respectively, will deliver speeches at the 2019 commencement.

“There will then be a third student to speak, a representative of the top 20 percent of the class. Those who want to speak will write and submit a speech to our committee, and the one chosen will be the third speaker. We believe this is something our students will jump at,” Luecke said.

Superintendent Bracht added that this year an unexpected, and somewhat uncomfortable, question has come before the board. An unnamed former member of the Affton School Board has requested the privilege of handing out diplomas on graduation day. Bracht wouldn’t entertain speculation as to what former board member made the request, but he said the individual does not have a child or grandchild in the 2019 graduating class.

There are three former Affton board members currently serving in the Missouri Legislature.

The board agreed it would not be appropriate to fulfill the individual’s request. Board President Patricia Zahn said, “It’s not our procedure.”