The “Better Together” ideas are a source of much concern and confusion. What is also very concerning is what would occur by “default by quietness” (that is my term).

The document produced does not address issues that people would find important. So being “quiet” about an issue creates a “default.” What the specific action or status of the defaulted issue is unclear.

My concern is about those who live in the unincorporated parts of St. Louis County — Affton, Concord and Lemay for example. My hunch is that we would “default” into the Metro City of St. Louis.

And with that, in winter my street would not be snow plowed: The city does not plow residential streets! The city earnings tax would be applied to me. The city sales taxes would apply!

If I wanted that kind of abuse, I would have chosen to live in the city. Citizens, beware of the wolf wearing sheepskin.