The Grinch


Whoville is a gleeful place with smiles, songs and joy.

Its villagers celebrate Christmas down to every girl and boy.

Little girl Cindy Lou (Cameron Seely), craves a unique gift.

A special, selfless kind of thing, that will give her mom a lift.

Up in the hills of Whoville lives the Grinch

(Benedict Cumberbatch) – a Christmas foil.

He stalks, harumphs and poo-poos much,

but one thing makes him boil.

Christmas comes but once a year, and as it’s now approaching.

The Grinch with loving Max in tow, plans a night of holiday


As meanie greenie enacts his plan to steal the eve away.

It’s little Cindy Lou, a child, who keeps the Grinch at bay.

Kent’s Take:

“The Grinch” has now arrived for us, a remake of a kind.

Expanding on the Grinch and Whos, but losing its edge so fine.

A story rich in detail, that fleshes out the city.

Of Whos and hues and holiday ooohs, that’s entertaining and

quite witty.

Yet, as was stated up above, this story lacks some grit.

A Grinch that’s negative and mean, but never throws a fit.

Grinch is actually nice a lot, though its Christmas that he loathes.

A choice that ups the laughs and fun, but changes emotional tolls.

The cast is excellent in voicing this tale of festive woe.

They lead their viewers down a path of a whiney, misguided foe.

The animation captures all, in playful, memorable ways.

With vibrant textures and colors, to thrill and even amaze.

“The Grinch” is not our former grouch who even soured the milk.

But this new modern Grinch will do just fine for younger gentler ilk.