The Plot:

When kind-hearted Frances McCullen (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a forgotten purse on a subway, she decides to do the right thing and return it to its owner – Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert).

Kent’s Take:

“Greta” is the latest Chloe Grace Moretz vehicle – and her instincts for picking quality films has fully failed.

Frances is an innocent, thoughtful, hard-working girl from Boston, looking to make it in the Big Apple.

As she be-fiends the kindly, lonely Greta she feels a motherly kinship with Greta.

Good horror and thrillers find their power to move audiences by setting up memorable characters, then forcing them to change through an ordeal. Frances never changes in this film. She is mired in trust and weakness to the point where this film gets ridiculous. Isabelle Huppert’s Greta is an elderly woman three inches taller and 20 pounds lighter than Frances, but Frances cannot overpower nor outsmart an unstable senior.

Add to this a predictable plot, poor dialogue and an emotionless trudge through an uninspired story. In fact, audiences may find this thriller to instead be one of the top comedies of the year so far.

The writing is so bad that even the skilled Isabelle Huppert couldn’t salvage a good performance.

“Greta” may fool poor Frances into a strange mother/daughter relationship, but don’t you be fooled by this disappointing and careless film.