Beyond The Night

The Plot:

Ray Marrow (Zane Holtz) and his young son Lawrence (Azhy Robertson)return home after the sudden death of Ray’s wife and Lawrence’s mom. Ray lost his wife in a car accident and now must figure out how to parent a son he hardly knows.

When Lawrence begins exhibiting unusual memories and mentions July Rain’s name, it send the small town into a tizzy.

Teen, July Rain Coleman dissappeared long ago and her father, Bernie (Chance Kelly), a local thug, has never stopped searching for answers.

When Bernie learns of Lawrence’s gift, it sets him on a collision course with a certain truth.

Kent’s Take:

“Beyond The Night” is a mystery draped in spiritualism and faith – yet, this is not an inspirational film. It talks of God and truth and yet, reveals deceit and lies. We join Ray’s and Lawrence’s journey to learn the truth, then witness how these various truths ignite the burning secrets they reveal.

Lawrence is ridiculed for his distinctive birth mark and while Ray supports him with “some people try their whole lives to be original, but you were born one,” he struggles to truly understand that his son is special.

Although this story is predictable and lacks refinement, it is paced well and keeps ones attention as this mystery unfolds.

As the narrative swirls together to culminate in a final showdown, the climax falters to disrupt the momentum built-up throughout. As the conclusion arrives, viewers will be satisfied with this thoughtful story, and although “Beyond The Night” may lack some punch and polish, it certainly delivers entertainment.