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‘Tolkien,’ From Fox Searchlight Pictures, Premieres as a One-Night LIVE Cinema Event on May 7

The Plot:

Louis (Jason Clarke), wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz), daughter Elie (Jeté Laurence) and son Gage (Hugo Lavoie) arrive to open land and plenty of promise in rural Maine.

That rural charm shifts to trepidation when they discover a local pet cemetery on their land.

The Plot:

Vinny (Jesse Eisenberg) and his brilliant cousin Anton (Alexander Skarsgard) leave their prosperous jobs as stock traders to build a high-speed line straight from Kansas to New Jersey.

The two entrepreneurs begin a journey through stress, greed, deception and revenge – a path through hell that will lead them to the promised land.

The Plot:

Holt Farrier (Colin Ferrell) returns from war to meet the Medici Family Traveling Circus and his two children. It is 1919 and Holt, a wounded soldier, finds his children distant and his wife, dead, a victim of influenza.

As Holt clings to a distant past, his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) hope for a future.