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“Doctor Sleep” is a tension-filled gem, that is engaging, thoroughly scary and poses a simple question, “What do you believe in?” because the world is a very dark place.

Edward Norton debuts with a bang, directing and writing an intriguing crime story adaptation that luxuriates on screen with slick retro style.

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“Terminator: Dark Fate” explodes with tension and like its robotic inhabitants, is reckless, hardcore and unforgiving. Younger viewers will discover the power of a traditional action movie, while veterans of these films will drink in its violent glory.

“Harriet” is an inspirational story of hope. Hope for a solitary woman who ignored a culture of fear and “can’t” to rise up and lead a revolution of change.

“Jojo Rabbit” is an absolute gem, peppering viewers with a maverick story, uncomfortable laughs, and a harrowing comedy about a Nazi Youth’s transformation back into a child.

“The Current War” crackles with possibilities as two Titans fight to light America. Unfortunately, everything glows except the emotional story of power, integrity and creation – resulting in a low wattage film that struggles to light the imagination.

“The Lighthouse” is one of those tough-watch movies that you would never want to see again, and its overly complicated script, hampers its overall effectiveness.

“Dolemite Is My Name” pops in a variety of ways, and is simply a fun and entertaining experience.

“The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash” is both uplifting and inspirational as we find a genuine person willing to show his flaws and scars alongside his talents.

“Gemini Man” is literally a film about an assassin confronting himself and his actions. It is also a film that squanders its potential with a poor narrative and disappointing special effects that relegate this film to the bargain bin.

“Joker” is a remarkable film as much for its outstanding writing and directing as for its timing – the capture of a concept within a city’s and country’s mind – that of frustration and division.

“The Addams Family” may seem like another retread of a popular show, but this well made, nicely written film deserves a second look.

If I were to tell you that scientists have found a way for our bodies to cure cancer, would you label me a snake oil salesmen? Probably!

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” revealed a new trailer this morning that journeys into the enchanted forest, revealing more of Anna & Elsa’s adventure in the highly anticipated feature film – in U.S theatres Nov. 22, 2019. You’re welcome to download the new trailer and images t…