Aladdin Signature Collection

When Jafar tries to access the Cave of Wonders to steal its riches, he is thwarted because he is no “diamon in the rough.” Thus, when Princess Jasmine befriends a street boy, Aladdin, Jafar sees a use for the lad. Convincing Jasmine that Aladdin has been put to death, he releases Aladdin through a secret entrance which leads to the Cave of Wonder.

The Cave allows him to enter, but his greed gets the better of him and the Cave punishes Aladdin by collapsing the cave, but he escapes with a magic carpet and a lamp. When he gives Jafar the lamp, he tries to kill Aladdin who escapes back into the cave with the lamp. Rubbing it he frees Genie who grants him three wishes. Tricking him into helping them escape, Aladdin and Genie embark upon an adventure to rescue Princess Jasmine from the evil clutches of Jafar.

Bonus Features: Blu-Ray and Digital

• Sing Along With The Movie - Sing along to your favorite tunes as you watch the film. With magical on-screen lyrics.

• Aladdin on “Aladdin” - Join the speaking voice of Aladdin, Scott Weinger (“Fuller House”), as he reflects on almost 30 years of being Aladdin.

• “Let’s Not Be Too Hasty”: The voices of “Aladdin” - Take your seat in the recording booth and watch as the voice actors of “Aladdin” work their microphone magic.

• Alternate Endings - Enter the realm of “what if” and see just how differently the movie could have ended.

Digital Exclusive:

• Drawing Genie - Join prolific animator Eric Goldberg as he draws and reminices about Genie.

Classic Bonus:

• The Genie Outtakes

• “Aladdin”: Creating Broadway Magic

• Unboxing “Aladdin”